Why Apple TV will most likely arrive on the new Chromecast with Google TV

We’re prepping our full review of the new Chromecast with Google TV and will have it together soon, but there’s no way to deny the awesomeness of Google’s latest smart TV player. Retaining all the charm and flexibility of the original Chromecast while adding a dedicated UI and remote, the new Chromecast is simply a joy to use on a daily basis. Sure, it is a tinkerer’s dream at $49, but it is also a near-perfect play for the living room by Google right in time for the holiday season.

Though the new Chromecast has just about every streaming service you could imagine, there is one omission you can’t exactly blame Google for: Apple TV. If you aren’t aware, Apple has its own streaming service with access to lots of content providers right alongside their own, exclusive content. Shows and movies like The Morning Show and Greyhound, and The Banker all pull some top-tier acting talent and, similar to Netflix exclusives, you can only see this content on Apple TV.

Putting the pieces together

It was reported alongside the launch of the new Chromecast that Google TV (the UI that powers the new Chromecast, built on top of Android TV) will be extended to other, current Android TV devices and televisions. Based on a report from Cnet, it is clear that we’re only a few months away from this new software experience we now have on the Chromecast with Google TV arriving on lots of current hardware – most notably on Sony televisions.

“We are now working with them for 2021 products to include the Google TV experience on their next-generation televisions and OTT devices.” One of those third-party partners is Sony, with its line of smart televisions. “Sony will implement Google TV for our 2021 models at launch,” a Sony representative confirmed. “With regard to current and older models, we will share plans for these models soon.” 

Google’s Gildred added that not every partner device in 2021 will get the Google TV experience, but by the following year he expects Google TV to completely replace its predecessor. 

via Cnet

OK, Sony TV’s will be getting the new Google TV setup like we have on the new Chromecast. Got it. Now, couple this with the fact that we already have an Android-based version of Apple TV over on Amazon’s Fire TV and then toss in the report from Android Police that Apple TV is also now officially coming to Sony televisions as well via an Android app on 2021 Android TV-powered units and the writing is on the wall. If Sony televisions will soon be running Google TV as their primary smart TV interface and that interface is also getting Apple TV as an app as well, it stands to reason that things will all be in line for the new Chromecast with Google TV to be outfitted with the Apple TV app as an option for more content soon.

Now, that’s a lot of TV’s we just mentioned. It is worth noting that there’s a very good chance that Apple TV on these devices will not be the same Apple TV you get with Apple’s own hardware. In fact, that would be a tad bit confusing. Apple TV on their own hardware offers much the same experience you get with Google TV on the new Chromecast; bringing in all sorts of content providers into one space. It would be odd to pick up your Chromecast remote, navigate around Google TV’s interface, find/select Apple TV, and then still need to navigate around yet another interface that pulls in content from places like Netflix and Hulu. No one wants that.

Instead, it is a safe assumption that we’ll see this new Apple TV app simply give you access to Apple’s own content and any iTunes movies you’ve previously purchased from your Apple account. In this way, Apple TV becomes another streaming provider of unique content alongside players like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max. While I’ve not watched any Apple TV exclusives, I have to admit that many of them look very well-made and have my curiosity piqued. If I can install the app on my shiny, new Chromecast and check a few episodes out, I’d be down to hand over a few bucks to Apple for the experience, and I’d be willing to bet many of you would be too.

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