Wild Rift is coming to Europe in December and won’t be…

League of Legends: Wilder Riss Riot Games announced today that it is entering the Open Beta in Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea on October 27th. While this is good news for fans eagerly awaiting the game’s release, players in the Americas may have to wait a little longer to play the game.

Michael “Riot Paladin” Chow, Riots executive producer of Wild crack, revealed that the game will be rolled out to other regions in the next “few months”. The game will hit Europe, Oceania, Vietnam and Taiwan in December. For America, however, Riot plans to release it Wild crack in spring 2021.

This will certainly be disappointing League Fans in North and South America who wanted to play MOBA on Android and iOS. Last year, Riot announced that it would bring the game to most regions of the world by 2021. With today’s announcement, that goal seems to be achieved.

Wild crack is a weakened version of League for PC on Android and iOS devices. Summoner’s Rift has been reduced in size to allow for shorter game times. Many of the champions have been redesigned to be optimized for joystick controls on mobile devices. Riot said that too Wild crack will come to consoles in the future. Further details will be announced in late 2020, the developers said earlier.

It was also announced today that a popular jungler from the PC version of League comes to Wild crack. Lee Sin will be available in the game through a new patch later this month. The Champion has been optimized for mobile-friendly controls.

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