Xtadia is an Xposed Module that lets you play Stadia on any Android phone

Google’s Stadia game streaming service is already out and it’s one of the main competitors in the now-rising game streaming space. Game streaming services are trying to position themselves as an alternative to actually owning gaming hardware, but before that can happen, it first needs to be readily available for everyone. As it stands, though, you can only play Stadia on Google’s own Google Pixel devices, which severely limits your options when it comes to gaming as you still need to own Google hardware. This is also not an easily bypassable option as just sideloading the APK on another phone or trying to spoof the device ID. There are ways to properly spoof it, such as this Xposed module called Xtadia.

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Xtadia allows you to play Stadia on any device running Android 6.0 and up as long as you have Xposed or EdXposed, an unofficial port of Xposed for newer versions of Android, running on your device. Additionally, it will also allow you to play on any type of connection, including mobile data, instead of just a Wi-Fi connection. Google plans on eventually lifting these restrictions, but if you don’t feel like waiting, you can use this module to bypass them.

You can check out and download Xtadia for your device in our forums right now.

Check out Xtadia in our forums now!

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