YouTube’s experimental Explore tab begins testing on Android (Update: Still testing, new look)

Back in July, YouTube began testing a new Explore tab on the home page of its iOS app. Not many people saw it — only about one percent of users on that platform. Apparently feedback has been positive, though, because YouTube has announced that the test is now expanding to more platforms, including Android.

Explore replaces the Trending tab, playing a similar role in recommending new content, but ostensibly in a more personalized way. The Home tab already provides recommendations based on your viewing activity, but, according to a video from the YouTube team’s Creator Insider channel, Explore “helps viewers get a little bit more variety and see different kinds of content.” Trending content in its current form still exists as a subsection of the new Explore tab.

YouTube is soliciting feedback based on users’ experience with the new Explore tab, so if you see it, be sure to let the team know what you think.

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